mPower Parkinson's Research Study


The mPower application uses a mix of surveys and tasks that activate phone sensors to collect and track health and symptoms of PD progression - like dexterity, balance or gait. Our goals are to learn about the variations of PD, to improve the way we describe and manage these variations, and to learn whether mobile devices and sensors can help measure PD and its progression to ultimately improve the quality of life for people with PD.

If you decide to join the study you will need to download the study application on your mobile device. Everyone who enrolls will first complete a consent process, explaining the risks and benefits of the study. As part of this process you will also confirm your agreement to participate in this study.

Afterward, we will ask you some questions about the study and ask you to complete the electronic registration process. Registration will include entering your name, email address and other general information about yourself to verify your eligibility. Then periodically we will ask you to answer questions and perform some activities via your mobile phone. These questions may be about your health, exercise, diet, sleep and medicines, in addition to other surveys.

The activities will be some brief tasks that you perform while holding your phone like walking, taping or balancing for a short period of time. In addition, if you are able to sustain moderate physical activity, we may send you motivational prompts to remain active.

We will send notices on your phone asking you to complete these tasks and surveys. You may choose to act at your convenience and you may choose to participate in all or only in some parts of the study. These tasks should take you about 20 minutes each day. You have the right to refuse to answer particular questions or participate in particular aspects of the study.

Your study data will include your responses to surveys and the measurements from the phone itself when you perform an activity. A unique random code will be associated with your study data instead of your name. Your coded data (without your name and contact information) will be added to the data of other study participants and analyzed by the study team. Also, if you choose to, your same coded study data can be made available to other qualified researchers for this and future research. In the future, you will have a unique account that you can use to review your own data.